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      Welcome to Profoundly Healthy. Here at Profoundly Healthy we are interested in helping you to have an energetic fun filled life where you have the health to be able to do those things you really want to in life. A person's dreams are the most important thing to that person and we at Profoundly Healthy know that being healthy will help you to achieve all that you go for.
      Look at it this way, if you aren't healthy and you are lacking in energy and desire to do things then you're not going to be achieving your goals. So let us help!
Some Things I Believe

I Believe: That Man can be healthier and happier.
I Believe: That we have strayed from our basic goodness.
I Believe: That we can get back to our basic goodness and benefit from it.
I Believe: You can be inspired to achieve your goals. Just remember when you achieve them, you will need to make more.
I Believe: Money isn't the important thing in life but it does seem to be important to survive. It doesn't though make you happy it can actually make you anxious and unhappy that you never have enough. Learn to be grateful.

What do you Believe?

pro·found ( pr…-found“, pr ˝-) adj. pro·found·er pro·found·est 1. Situated at, extending to, or coming from a great depth; deep.
2. Coming as if from the depths of one's being: profound contempt.
3. Thorough going; far-reaching: profound social changes.
4. Penetrating beyond what is superficial or obvious: a profound insight.
health·y ( hµl“th¶) adj. health·i·er health·i·est
1. Possessing good health.

2. Conducive to good health; healthful: healthy air.
3. Indicative of sound, rational thinking or frame of mind: a healthy attitude.
4. Sizable; considerable: a healthy portion of potatoes; a healthy raise in salary. health “i·ly adv. health “i·ness n.
Definitions from the "American Heritage Dictionary" Computer Edition

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Here is a link to a very important video.
Be aware that it may be disturbing: War on Health

      Once you have listened to this you might want to read the book Inferno by famous author Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

      Here is another interesting link: We Did It!

      I started into natural health many years ago after being affected by the chemicals I had worked in and after I had been prescribed a drug called Indocid, which had devastating side affects that I was not made aware of at the time. I found out many years after having been affected that my health problems stemmed from the chemicals and the Indocid. All of this made a Profound Affect on my life and it lead me down a road that has brought me to lots of realizations about health and about how a lot of our world actually works instead of how most people think it works. For instance, if you think the Medical Profession is your friend when it comes to your health, think again. The Medical Profession is big bucks and that is what it is. It's designed to make big bucks and unfortunately there are company's, in the health industry that do the same, so you have to weed them out. There are a lot of company's that produce very good products even though I wish they would bring their pricing down.

      On this site you will find products that I have come to believe in strongly. Some I will make money on and some I won't. In all that I have done it has been about the health and not so much about the money but it would be good if I could make a living from it as it has cost me dearly to find these products that work and also then I could devote more time to making people healthier.

      I would like it though if people would purchase these products through me as it would help me greatly. There are also opportunities for you to earn an income as well if you so desire but it is definitely not a requirement as I am more concerned with the health side of things. I don't like to see people ordering products and not using them just so they can make some money. It is hard to sell health products if those same products haven't made you healthy. See My Story for what they have done for me.

My Challenge

      I have taken on a challenge. I am going to run my FQ (Experimental Frequency Program based on Rife Frequencies) program, on myself, to rid myself of all these ailments that are plaguing me. It's going to be a challenge alright, as I have suffered for so long. See the Challenge Here and the progress I am making.

      Something Free for you. Three questions that may change your life forever. These questions are for you. You do not need to answer them for me.

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